"I've been dealing with Bipolar for all my life, but I was only diagnosed about 10 years ago.  My wife and I moved out here to Virginia from the west coast two years ago, and I found Amber about a year ago.  Having experienced multiple therapists, she is by far the one that has caused the most change and growth.  Her technique with CRM has given me the tools to grow and learn things about myself much faster than regular talk therapy, which I have also done.  

With the help of my psychiatrist and Amber as my therapist, I've been able to reduce my medication to a level where there are no side effects and the panic attacks I used to experience weekly are all but gone.  Now, when one comus upon me, I am able to manage them without medication.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Amber every week, and I highly recommend her to you. Whatever trouble you are having Amber is there to listen and give guidance, non judgmentally  and with great compassion.

Thank you, Amber, you've been a great instrument in changing my life."

Aaron M.