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Health and Healing


Initial Assessment

In an initial assessment we review and discuss your mental health history, goals you would like to achieve, and establish therapeutic boundaries and expectations.

If you are doing CRM sessions, this is integrated into the session.  It is not an additional cost.

Meditation by the Sea

Private Counseling

CBT, Mindfulness, Family Systems, Logotherapy, Jungian Analysis, and more modalities encompassed in traditional therapeutic services.  Spirituality elements can be applied with respect to your individual belief system.  Provided virtually and in person.

Girl and Horse

Comprehensive Resource Model Sessions

This is a radical new modality for trauma. It enables processing of "root" issues for things like PTSD, anxiety, depression, attachment issues, and addiction.  It targets the Unconscious Mind to allow for deeper healing when more typically used therapies leave you at a plateau.  This therapy has the added bonus of addressing generational trauma and helping you to identify with the core of who you really are outside of the pains of life.  Visualization, breath work, eye movements, binaural beats, healthy internal attachment figures, and other resources are incorporated.